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Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

Our Latest Product Review – Baltic Amber Teething Necklace

100% Premium Baltic Amber for holistic drug-free pain relief.

Traditional solution trusted by Mums for centuries.

Teething Necklaces from BigBuoy Baby Products are hand crafted in the E.U.

When is it used?

The Baltic amber necklace is worn by Baby from 8 weeks old.

How does it work?

The amber is heated from the warmth of Baby’s skin to release an antioxidant oil for drug-free soothing.  Premium Baltic Amber is highly valued for its higher concentrations of Succinate and healing properties. This holistic pain relief alleviates babies teething pains to soothe and comfort.  Naturally!

Is Baltic Amber new?

The healing properties of Baltic Amber is nothing new and used in a wide range of ways to alleviate pain and discomfort. Mums throughout Europe have trusted Baltic Amber for centuries to soothe their babies through the distressing teething stage.

Why BigBuoy?

BigBuoy Baltic Amber Teething Necklaces are hand crafted in the E.U. and brought to the Hong Kong market to meet an increasing demand by Mums for a natural drug-free aid to teething pains.  Amber necklaces from BigBuoy Baby Products use 100% natural Baltic Amber. Each amber element is hand selected and delicately smoothed for baby’s comfort. Secured with a screw clasp each element is individually knotted with strong silk for durability.

100% natural, holistic solution to soothe Baby from teething discomfort.

Tips for Dealing with Separation Anxiety in Children

Few things tug at a parent’s heartstrings like the cries and pleas of a child in the throes of a separation anxiety attack; still, they are a normal (if distressing) part of childhood development. With proper coping strategies and plenty of love, the worst of your child’s anxieties can be managed until he’s older, at which point most children tend to outgrow their fears of being separated from a parent or familiar adult.


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Finding Yourself in Parenting

Many times, parents find themselves lost in a world that belongs only to their children. Mothers, in particular, seek self-worth and importance amongst the daily hustle and bustle of attending to their little ones’ needs or making time for their husbands. While men often feel this way too, women generally seem to be a bigger victim of the toll of starting a family.

Today’s society demands women to be everything they weren’t and everything they might not have been. Caring for an infant is a full-time responsibility. On top of that, getting the housework done while settling three meals a day makes your day-to-day schedule seem impossible.  These days, most women find themselves working eight days a week while taking on the multiple responsibilities of the mother, being the housekeeper, and having to work from home in order to raise additional funds for the family. Now, that’s tough!

If you are overwhelmed by being a new mom, and you are afraid of failing, don’t worry. You are not the only one. Post-pregnancy hormones tend to make women feel that way.  In addition to all of the stress and tension, we have to pacify a crying child or entertain an angry husband. While this is normal for most new mothers, there are ways of coping and dealing with all of the frustration and guilt.

Despite your hormones going crazy and being completely uncontrollable, several new “mom techniques” can help soothe the soul and relax the being.

  1. Breathe like you were pregnant. Consistent deep breathing will carry oxygen to the brain- your nerve centre that triggers all panic attacks. Typically, when anxiety or depression kicks in, your brain suffers from  a lack of oxygen and your heart, which is triggered by the brain, works harder and harder to pump more oxygen than usual. Overworked hearts show signs of stress and fatigue that affects your well being, body movements, behaviour, and mood. This can also be a health hazard if you are older or have a weaker tolerance.
  2. Sleep while your newborn sleeps. Many new moms take this for granted, thinking they can survive without sleep. Well, guess what? Sleep deprivation is a main cause of depression and frustration. Not to mention, lack of sleep plays a major role in post-pregnancy blues and, of course, weight gain. Yes, weight gain. Women who get ample sleep after pregnancy shed pregnancy weight a lot faster that those who don’t.  Sleep not only helps restore your body’s strength and energy, but it also gives your body sufficient rest to rev up metabolism the next day. Lack of sleep slows metabolism down, causing you to feel sluggish and sometimes easily agitated.

  3. Put on that red dress. Most new moms do not dress up, until they feel that they are fit or in shape to do so. Dressing up a little, even to go to the grocery store or the shopping centre, can help boost confidence levels and make you feel like a new you. This also brings a sense of achievement for most moms and lifts self esteem levels. While you think you are fat, people walking pass you actually do not think so. Especially if they notice that you are pushing a stroller. Use all of that as forgiveness to not looking like what you were before and enjoy every moment of not having to watch your weight, at least until you are done breastfeeding.

  4. Take nights off even if you don’t have a nanny. Many young parents do not have the luxury of in-laws or nannies watching their children on a Friday night, while they enjoy themselves for a night out. That doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. After you put your little one to bed (even if it’s for 2 hours), microwave some popcorn, get a few cold drinks, and finally catch that movie that you have heard all of your friends and family talk about for months. Dating does not have to only occur outside the household. Many young parents find comfort in knowing that their baby is safe while they are enjoying a “night in” and not breaking the bank for a fancy restaurant or big date somewhere fancy.

  5. Go outdoors when it seems stuffy. Many new moms feel down or stressed when they are constantly cooped up in the house (not to mention that neighbour who is constantly playing sad love songs on his piano). When things seem to get a little irate, a little depressing, or mundane, do not hesitate to pop your little one into his/her  comfy stroller, put on your running shoes, and take a stroll around the neighbourhood. Outdoor walks calm the senses and soothe the mind. Listen to the sound of wind whistling through the trees and experience serenity for once. The sunlight is medically proven to cheer people up, because it produces vitamin D and is a natural source of lithium.  Indirect sunlight also helps with jaundice in babies. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen (but not for babies less than 12 months old).

No matter the cure is for “Mommy Blues,” one thing is for sure, there isn’t anything greater or better than this life experience. Cherish the moments and live life to the fullest, and your little ones will one day grow up and live life the same.

The Spirit of Giving

The past years have shown an increase in the average person’s spending power. All year round, we buy what we want, when we want and as often as our pockets permit us to. The time of the year has come once again where we take time to reflect on our good fortunes and blessings and show that we actually care through giving!

How fortunate we must be to be able to share this joy with others who are deprived of it. There are more children who are less fortunate (in Singapore) than we can ever begin to imagine. Children that lack opportunity to experience what we do so casually throughout the year. Children, like any other that only seek security and love. Well, your footstep helps these kids go a long way.

Would a small percentage of our time, money and effort to help these kids once a year then, be too great a deal for us? The children at the Children’s Society look forward to this celebration of Christmas, in hopes to have a simple little wish come true.

This year, let us show we care by giving! Remember, your time and/or donations you offer only ONCE in a year will put a smile in the hearts of many less fortunate children for a long, long time.

To be a part of this special occasion, please visit http://www.facebook.com/createchristmas/

About the Author

Sarah Jane is certified & trained in Montessori Teaching, with years of expansive knowledge and experience with young children from diverse backgrounds and cultures. Sarah Jane expresses her love and interest for child development through her writing, constantly sharing and promoting awareness to parents and educational workers from all walks of life. She is also the co-founder of a multinational marketing firm Hot Fry Media (http://hotfrymedia.com).

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